UL924 Photoluminescent Egress Signs – Greener Solutions

Most safety exit signs were created during a time when little to no concern was allotted to consideration that the materials used to make these safety markers were unsafe to people and to the environment. Either no one was testing the products for hazardous reasons, or there was not the kind of scientific evidence as there is today alerting people to the harmful effects many products have that leave a terrible lasting effect on not only human beings, but also our planet. As it pertains to finding greener solutions regarding egress signage, one needs to look no further than photoluminescent egress signs.

Unfortunately, the reality is that almost all of the older models and versions of safety markers and signage were made with hazardous materials. Luckily, federal authorities have recognized this unsavory condition, and are starting to put into effect mandatory changes for those companies that are still using these harmful products. Some people ignorantly assume that greener solutions mean products that are not as reliable or durable than the original. Concerning photoluminescent egress signs, this naïve notion could not be further from the truth.

A plethora of tests have proven that, without equivocation, photoluminescent egress signs – which are made with ecofriendly materials – are more reliable, more durable, less inexpensive, and safer than any other product currently on the market. The inarguable evidence is why regulatory authorities are pushing laws making the use of photoluminescent egress signs mandatory. Slowly, but surely, each state is passing laws for the change to this wonderful green alternative.

Even if there was not enough evidence to prove photoluminescent egress signs are the best safety markers available, everyone should be searching for greener solutions for their businesses to use. Because of the advances in science and testing, scientists are becoming more concerned with the health of our planet, as numerous theories (some of which have been called into question, countered, and outright opposed) suggest that we need to be on alert as to make sure that green solutions are in place for every industry because our planet is suffering.

No matter the argument, GloBrite agrees that greener solutions should be in demand, because the health and safety of people – not just as it pertains to evacuation – and our planet should always come first. Contact GloBrite today to learn more about photoluminescent egress signs, and why you should make the change to this ecofriendly alternative, if you have not already.

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