UL924 Outdoor Exit Signs – GloBrite Zero Energy Solutions

Over the years, the consumption of energy, as well as the price of energy use has skyrocketed. This accounts for a large portion of the overhead business owners and building owners must endure. Often, one of the greater energy consumption components are the exit signs used by businesses. Especially in larger spaces, buildings will have dozens, sometimes well over a hundred emergency signs spread throughout the confinements. Business owners and building owners have no choice but to “eat the cost,” as having emergency exit signs are mandatory in any office space. Today, business owners and building owners alike can rejoice, because there are now alternatives available presented by GloBrite zero energy solutions.

This blog will focus on GloBrite zero energy solutions as it pertains to UL924 outdoor exit signs. What GloBrite zero energy solutions means is that the company has designed and developed outdoor exit signs that store energy from ambient light and from the energy produced by the sun. The egress products then use that energy to light up or glow. This means that no hookup or plugin to an electrical socket is needed, and no batteries or battery charging. As you likely gather from this information, this means that energy consumption, and energy expense is drastically reduced, subsequently meaning that overhead and financial liabilities are also significantly reduced.

Because of the solar technology infused with UL924 outdoor exit signs, energy produced from a socket from an electrical company is no longer needed. This is what makes GloBrite zero energy solutions so great – the eliminating of the reliance on an expensive, third party supplied energy source that costs companies an exorbitant expense. GloBrite zero energy solutions are your ticket so significantly reducing your company’s overhead. UL924 outdoor exit signs are a revolutionary technology that is ecofriendly, and provides sustainable safety coverage for decades.

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