UL924 Egress Safety Systems – Finding Sustainable Solutions

There are many different emergency exit signs and systems available on the market today. Some are older models that require large energy consumptions that are unsafe, and there have been recent innovations that offer green alternatives and are energy efficient. The topic in this blog will cover UL924 egress safety systems in hopes to help readers find sustainable solutions for their building and / or business.

First, UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, which is an independent, not for profit safety testing and certification organization. This organization has certain standards for different types of products, which include over one hundred standards for safety. The company has tested over one million products and components against its rigorous safety standards. As it pertains to egress safety systems, UL924 is the standard for the safety of emergency lighting, power equipment, and products listed under this specific standards. As it reads from the organization, UL924 applies to, “emergency lighting and power equipment for use in unclassified locations and intended for connection to branch circuits of 600 volts or less. Such equipment is intended to automatically supply illumination or power, or both, to critical areas and equipment in the event of failure of the normal supply.”

Examples of products listed under UL924 include: exit signs, emergency lights, battery backup systems, and Inverters. Each product and component features a category code under UL924.

The previously mentioned information should help the reader ascertain how finding sustainable solutions through the UL924 egress safety systems code is quite advantageous, and makes the entire process much easier. An UL924 egress safety system, such as photoluminescent exit signs, is one such sustainable solution one can find to outfit his or her office or building. This individual will find that photoluminescent technology is compliant with UL924 egress safety systems regulations.

Because of it thorough and technical content, if anyone should require clarification in order to assist in the finding of sustainable solutions, call GloBrite. GloBrite can help people understand all regulations and guidelines under UL924, which will subsequently lead to new and improved egress safety systems.

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