The Difference Between Photoluminescent Films and Sheets

photoluminescent sheetsIf you are familiar with GloBrite System’s product lineup, especially the products we manufacture and make available that are designed and developed with photoluminescent technology, then you understand the dominating aspects of products infused with photoluminescence, why these products have become so popular with manufacturing companies, and why photoluminescent products are in such great demand by industrial businesses. This blog has already gone to extended lengths describing and listing all of the advantages and benefits of photoluminescent products, components, and materials. What you might not be familiar with is the type of photoluminescent products that GloBrite Systems manufactures and makes available to its customers, such as photoluminescent films and photoluminescent sheets. These to photoluminescent products are similar in that they are both created with the superior photoluminescent technology that provides the glow in the dark luminance industrial businesses want and need for their own specific purposes. Another similar trait these two photoluminescent products carry is that both products are offered in bulk, which means that industrial businesses can order large amounts of either of these products at a reduced price, allowing GloBrite customers to benefit from these advantageous products without having to pay an exorbitant amount to carry enough supply that will last the customer for a long time. What the customer does have to determine is exactly what purpose it has for photoluminescent products, so that the company can determine whether it needs photoluminescent films or photoluminescent sheets.

photoluminescent filmsIn order to accurately determine which photoluminescent product your industrial business needs – when choosing between bulk films and bulk sheets – and your business is unsure of which photoluminescent product to choose because it does not fully understand the difference between the two bulk products, it is recommended that you navigate through the GloBrite website. On the GloBrite website, you should reach the “Products” tab, and in the dropdown menu, choose “Bulk Products.” Here, you will find a column for bulk film format, as well as a column for bulk film format, and each column will give you a brief look at some of the specifications of each photoluminescent product. For a complete breakdown of photoluminescent films and photoluminescent sheets, there is a “Products Catalog” link in both columns, which will illustrate more information regarding both bulk products.

If your industrial organization should require additional information on photoluminescent bulk films and / or photoluminescent bulk sheets, please do not hesitate to call GloBrite Systems. A GloBrite representative will be more than happy to assist you, and provide you with further information to help you figure out which of these two bulk photoluminescent products will work better for your company’s particular need.

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