Support Solar Power Using Photoluminescent Safety Signs

If you are a building owner who happens to still be using emergency exit signs that are hooked up to a power source because they require an electrical current flow, then this might be the most important blog you will ever read. You already know hoe exasperating the energy bill must be, of which a part of that can be directly attributed to the exorbitant consumption of energy by your emergency egress markers. Good news – there is an alternative safety sign technology that will not only drastically reduce your energy bill, but will allow you to incorporate a much more effective safety signage measure, along with having a green and eco friendly alternative. Effective immediately, you must make a change and begin supporting solar power by using photoluminescent safety signs.

Photoluminescent technology provides a method of implementing solar power safety signage in your building. The way photoluminescent technology works is it provides a method of energy absorption that only requires ambient light, such as sunlight, to store energy. It then uses that energy to function. Time to debunk your initial thought of “how reliable can that really be?” It is so reliable that many regulatory committees that rule on and create laws for installing proper safety procedures are making the use of photoluminescent technology mandatory in many states.

The benefits of transitioning to solar power safety signs are many: low energy, reduced cost, increased reliability and effectiveness, green alternative, and a safer safety product. Photoluminescence will provide a quick and simple transition, and you have the support of knowing that you will be infusing the best available safety sign method currently available.

For more information, contact GloBrite. GloBrite ha been in the business of helping companies and building owners make the switch to safer and better safety signs. Today, they are helping large businesses and commercial building change to solar power safety signs through photoluminescent technology. Start supporting solar power by using photoluminescent safety signs.

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