Stairwell Evacuation Signs that Save Money

energy effective exit signsTraveling up and down several flights of stairs in a stairwell located in a large building under normal circumstances can be quite daunting enough. Alternatively, imagine trying to travel down several flights of stairs with a panicked crowd under considerable duress who are frantically trying to reach safety and get away from a life threatening scenario. If the prospect regarding the aforementioned circumstances sounds quite challenging, it should. Reports show that the risk of accidents when traveling down flights of stairs exorbitantly increases during evacuation scenarios. The significant increase in accidents occurs for several reasons, including: panicked people makes for chaotic moments, which naturally leads to a heightened chance for accidents, stairwells are even more difficult to navigate when a mass of people are in a frenzied state, power outage that makes for a dark stairwell, and smoke from a fire emanating into a stairwell, making it hard to see and breathe. Obviously, due to the risk factors associated with traveling down stairwells during an emergency evacuation, building owners want the absolute best in stairwell evacuation signs. What if GloBrite told you that it is possible to implement the best in stairwell evacuation signs, and at the same time, you can save money? Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.

GloBrite Systems offers stairwell evacuation signs that are designed with photoluminescent technology, which means all of the company’s stairwell signage comes with glow in the dark technology that is self sustainable. Yes, photoluminescent stairwell evacuation signs can absorb ambient (surrounding) energy, store that energy, and use the energy to utilize its glow in the dark properties. This means that not a single photoluminescent stairwell evacuation sign require electricity, batteries, or a direct source of energy derived from a municipality, for which you and/or your business have to pay. Simply stated, with stairwell evacuation signs infused with photoluminescent technology, which GloBrite Systems has been touting as the best in safety egress systems from the beginning, you are gaining the most superior safety products available on the market today, all the while saving yourself a ton of money in the process.

No reason exists for you to not make the switch to photoluminescent stairwell evacuation signs that can save you money. You receive the best egress product for assisting people through a difficult period of evacuation, and you also incorporate a way to save yourself a lot of money both in the short and long run. GloBrite Systems recognized this dual feature in photoluminescent technology right away, which is why the company recommends these types of products over any other emergency egress products available on the market right now. A GloBrite professional can help explain more regarding photoluminescent technology, or you can continue to navigate through our website after reading this blog, and learn more about photoluminescent stairwell evacuation signs.

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