Solar Powered Exit Signs Save Money

Once upon a time, building owners used emergency exit signs that required a significant source of energy from an electrical socket or a method of electrical transport input in order to operate. Building owners paid huge sums of money to their utility company, all in the name of building safety. Though this should be a cautionary tale about how not to incorporate exit signs into your building, building owners still use emergency egress signage that requires an electrical current to operate. Reality needs to strike, and someone, perhaps GloBrite, will eventually have the opportunity to explain to these building owners that solar powered exit signs are the way to go.

Wait! Hold on a second, says a disbeliever. Solar powered exit signs? How can that be? It is simple actually. Times have changed. Revolutionary and innovative inventions have been created, some of which have been applied to emergency exit signs and how these egress markers operate. Low and behold, there now is a technology prescribed to exit signs, called photoluminescence, which allows emergency safety signs to become solar powered. What about at night, when it is dark? Photoluminescent exit signs store ambient light as energy, which allows the solar powered exit signs to glow bright throughout the night, without a hitch. Yes, solar powered exit signs, especially those fused with photoluminescent technology, have been tried and tested, and have proven every single time to work without issue. In fact, solar powered exit signs work so well that most regulatory committees are enforcing the use of photoluminescent exit signs.

This brings us back to our initial point – safety signs needing an electrical current to function, thus costing an exorbitant sum. Installing solar powered exit signs will save money – vast amounts of money. With no need to use batteries or an electrical socket for a power source, solar powered exit signs can store energy from the sun and surrounding light. Outdoor solar powered exit signs are especially efficient, as it stores energy directly from the sun all day long, guaranteeing a healthy, bright glow all night long.

If you require more information on how solar powered exit signs save money, contact GloBrite. GloBrite will explain how solar powered exit signs work as it relates to your needs. Your accounts payable representative will explain to you how much money you are now saving by making the switch.

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