Solar Powered Exit Lighting and Evacuation Safety

Solar powered building equipment is valuable for its electricity-free technology that lowers energy costs. It can also increase building safety, as demonstrated by photoluminescent exit signs. Unlike egress lighting and electrical exit signs, self-luminous signage is self-sustaining, requiring neither maintenance nor electricity – characteristics that increase evacuation safety and lower energy cost.

Unlike electrical signs, which are fed by electrical wires, photoluminescent signs are fed by ambient light that powers their photoluminescent material. Although makers of electrical exit signs regard photoluminescent signage’s need for ambient light as a weakness, it is actually a strength. By being electricity-free, photoluminescent signage is also free of breakable parts, which makes it more dependable than electrical signage.

Photoluminescent Technology

Photoluminescence occurs when an object absorbs photons from ambient light and re-emits them, creating a distinct glow. As photoluminescent exit signs absorb photons from natural or artificial light, they prepare to stay illuminated during night hours when lights are off, during power outages, or when smoke reduces visibility. Photoluminescent signage can burn for up to 96 hours in total darkness, more than enough time to evacuate the largest building under the most adverse conditions.

Although cost effectiveness and eco friendliness are its best-known attributes, photoluminescent signage is also the safest form of exit signage. In addition to containing no breakable parts, it also provides excellent visibility in the presence of smoke – a result of its low wavelength of light that appears to brightly glow instead of radiate. This same quality makes photoluminescent egress markings superior to backup lighting in the event of fires. Egress markings can remain visible through densities of smoke that would render backup lighting all but invisible.

A Combination of Products

When it comes to evacuation safety, solar powered exit lighting is one of four types of luminescent safety products that form a synergistic relationship: egress stripes, direction arrows, running man signs, and exit signs.

When an evacuation occurs, building occupants in multi story buildings access vertical exit enclosures by using egress paths that contain luminescent egress stripes, direction arrows, and running man signs. Then they use vertical exit enclosures that contain egress markings, floor identification signs, and running man signs. Then they locate exit signs that indicate the building discharge.

Along with self luminous evacuation signs and egress markings, solar powered exit lighting is a critical component in commercial evacuation planning. Although electrical signage is considered by many building owners to be sufficient, photoluminescent signage has raised the standard for exit signage. No longer must building occupants face the possibility of broken exit signs during evacuations, nor do building owners face the cost of operating them year round.

Globrite Has the Signage You Need

At Globrite, we produce photoluminescent exit signage, building safety signage, and egress markings that contain our patented Globrite technology. Offering superior visibility and maximum burn time, our products can improve your building’s evacuation safety before it’s too late. To get the products your building needs, browse through our product pages, or call us today for more information.

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