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wireless emergency exit signsIf you have been regularly following the GloBrite Systems blog site, then you have been well informed on the myriad advantages involved with photolumoinescent technology. Today, this blog will help you become familiar with the types of illuminated exit products that are available for purchase on the website. Why trouble yourself with trying to locate a physical provider of illuminated exit products when you need no look any further than the website you are on while reading this post? Once you finish reading this blog, we encourage you to enjoy shopping for photoluminescent products, through GloBrite’s easy to navigate online purchase and checkout system.

Among the many items you can purchase on the GloBrite website, you can but zero energy solution products brought to you by GloBrite Systems. GloBrite zero energy solutions are designed with photoluminescent technology, which gives you the illuminated feature you need for your exit products. Other products offered by GloBrite Systems that are infused with photoluminescent technology include safety signs, such as door exit signs, hallway exit signs, and STOP signs, as well as safety egress signs, which include hallway, stairwell, and floor indicators. GloBrite Systems also offers bulk products that have photoluminescent technology incorporated into the product. These products include safety grade films, which can be purchased as flexible films or rigid sheets, and promotional grade products, which are products that provide legible signage to indicate how a person is supposed to interpret the sign. Promotional grade products are designed to become immediately visible in pitch black or reduced lighting environments. Clients who are in need of promotional grade products have the choice of a variety of illuminated coated substrates, such as banners, decals, and stickers.

A unique feature of illuminated exit products, which GloBrite Systems provides as a choice for its clients, is the ability to customize any of these photoluminescent egress and safety solutions so the products can precisely fit the client’s intended use. Customization solutions is one of the many ways GloBrite Systems separates itself from the competition, as most businesses claiming to offer similar products usually only offer generic, general, or ‘one size fits all’ illuminated exit products, instead of understanding that every client’s situation and need is different from the other. GloBrite professional can cast and laminate raw materials any way the customer sees fit. GloBrite professionals excel at taking photoluminescent pigments and forming them into various substrates in order to fit any client specification. If you business has a special performance criteria as it relates to your soon to be purchased illuminated exit products, contact GloBrite Systems, and a representative will help you customize your illuminated exit product purchase.

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