Self Powered Exit Signs – Weatherproof Options

As the technology for emergency exit signs improves, businesses and industries that need to incorporate outside egress signage are able to rely on durable self powered exit signs. The key word in this post is “durability,” as opposed to indoor self powered exit signs, which as long as there is not burn out the product will be fine, outdoor self powered exit signs must be able to stand the test of oppressive weather conditions. Tough weather conditions varies greatly – it could mean extreme heat or unbearable cold, harsh winds and rainfall, and even the most rare, yet extreme natural catastrophes, such as tornadoes, monsoons, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Therefore, companies need to find self powered exit signs that offer the best weatherproof options.

The best option that will satisfy a highly graded self powered exit sign, along with excellent weatherproof options would be photoluminescent egress markings. Photoluminescence has been thoroughly tested and reviewed, and most experts agree that this technology stands as the best type of self powered exit sign on the market, so much so that it is becoming mandatory for usage as emergency exit signs in several states. In addition, photoluminescent technology provides fantastic weatherproof options, as it has been tried and tested in every type of severe weather conditions. Photoluminescent exit signs stood out over every other emergency markers.

If you are in need to implementing a form of self powered exit signs that can bear any weather condition Mother Nature decides to release, look no further than photoluminescent egress markings. If you need more information regarding this product, contact Ecolink. Ecolink is a highly regarded company in the greater Atlanta area that has assisted numerous businesses and building owners in making the transition to superior self powered exit signs with the best weatherproof options. Ecolink will provide detailed information on photoluminescent technology, and even help you find a way to install it into your outdoor safety plan.

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