Self Illuminating Exit Signs Save Energy

The United States is currently going through a tough economic time, as the cost of living and the cost of owning and operating your own business are drastically increasing, while revenue and profit are plateauing because people are simply not spending money like they used to. One of the most difficult parts of running your own company is the cost of the space in which one conducts his or her business. One of the most eye popping figures will be the monthly energy bill, because of the total consumption to operating all of the devices and mechanisms that demand an electrical source in the building. What you might not realize is that when comparing all of the products in your building the require an electrical current, you will be surprised to find that the exit signs in your building, assuming they are plugged into an electrical socket, are one of the largest consumers of energy in your building.

Fortunately, as it pertains to emergency exit signs, there exists an alternative. Self illuminating exit signs have been created that will help save energy. Self illuminating exit signs save energy by storing the energy emitted by the surrounding light sources, including the sun if exposed, and then turning that energy for its own use to function. This method of powering emergency exit signs has been tried and tested, and many regulatory organizations have deemed self illuminating exit signs, especially those infused with photoluminescent technology, as the number one egress signage available on the market.

Though this method of exit sign implementation might sound too good to be true, representatives at GloBrite can provide the necessary documentation and information that justifies the majority of opinions that claim photoluminescent self illuminating exit signs are the best source of safety signage one can have for their area. Along with providing an eco friendly alternative, and being a more reliable and more efficient egress product, self illuminating exit signs save energy. A GloBrite representative will assist you with making the transition.

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