Photoluminescent Safety Signs Reinforce Your Current Egress System

Photoluminescent technology was actually discovered thanks to fish that absorb light and then emit a glow as it is dispersed. This same concept has been applied to various safety products to provide improved energy efficiency. Traditional egress signs use incandescent bulbs and power to show building occupants each exit location. This signage must be lit at all times throughout your structure to be in compliance with local building codes. Setup can be extensive due to various electrical wiring being run to the necessary power sources. A professional electrician is often needed to complete the installation as well as for testing purposes.

Incandescent signing requires more care in addition to the used materials making disposal more expensive. There is also the possibility of failure due to their electrical dependency. Energy use, maintenance, and replacement costs add up when you have many lighted signs throughout your business or residential structure. Placing a photoluminescent safety sign at each of your exit locations can drastically reduce compliance costs as well as increase the overall safety of your building.

Luminous Fire Safety Signs Provide Additional Savings and Protection

Fire safety signs are required to be installed by exit doors, hallways, stairwells, fire equipment, and various other structural locations. It is common to go with the status quo by purchasing non-luminous identification signs; however, this decision could be a bigger expense over time. Since illuminated identifiers require electricity, you must rely on power in the event of an emergency. When electrical sources fail, occupants are left with minimal to no light making it difficult to see non-luminous signage.

Even if you have battery powered backup lighting, visibility will be decreased due to rising smoke as well as other situational factors. Everyone in your building will start to panic, rush to find an exit, and can either get lost or injured. In the end of this catastrophic event, you may find yourself in court being handed large fines for each injury or fatality. If this is not reason enough to consider luminous products, then think of the energy savings you will get to experience when fire safety signs are present.

Safety identifiers made from photoluminescent materials are really no more expensive to purchase than a lighted product. The reduced expense of installation in addition to long term energy savings makes them the most cost effective choice available. They can be recycled, installed within minutes, have a long life, and work regardless of the emergency conditions.

GloBrite signing products are not affected by thick smoke or loss of electricity. They use absorbed ambient light to glow in the dark much like children’s toys and other products seen today. Building compliance is very simple with our products because they consistently meet standardized building codes. You will spend less to be compliant with these products than with any other type of signing.

Occupants are safer whether electricity or lighting is present, meaning you will not have to worry about hefty lawsuits afterward or the additional usage expenses. Photoluminescent safety signs are non-harmful to the environment and can provide that extra bit of comfort you may need as a building owner.

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