Photoluminescent Markings Create Safe Evacuation Routes

As a building owner, a catastrophic event directly effecting your building and the people in it is a scenario you never want to imagine, but must be prepared for. If a devastating situation occurs, and a flood of people must evacuate your building immediately, a building owner is going to want safe evacuation routes that are easy to read and understand throughout every corridor and hallway in the building. The good news for building owners is that photoluminescent markings are, by far, the most effective and successful safety markers a building could have.

There are several reasons why photoluminescent markings create safe evacuation routes, with the most notable being the reliability. The egress signs have next to no fail rate whatsoever, and can be counted on to provide over twenty-five thousand hours of lighting before needing to be replaced. Another reason, photoluminescent signage, even though they require no electric current to operate, glow the brightest when compared to any other competitor markings. Therefore, these markings are the easiest to see when a hallway or corridor is filled with smoke, or the overhead lighting has failed.

Having egress markings in place that are dependable, long lasting, and the easiest to see and read under even the most difficult circumstances is the trifecta for building owners who are looking to install the best possible safety measures, and ultimately creating safe evacuation routes. Photoluminescent markings are exactly what should be incorporated into every building, as these are the types of markings that will come closest to guaranteeing everyone successfully evacuating the building in case of an emergency.

If you are a building owner who wants to take every precaution and steps necessary to ensure complete safety of individuals needing to evacuate your building, photoluminescent markings are your only choice. When it comes to implementing safe evacuation routes, look no further than photoluminescent signage.

GloBrite Systems – a branch of Jessup Manufacturing –  is the only U.S. manufacturer of Photoluminescent Signage (Glow in the Dark Exit Signs).   Our Photoluminescent technology is available in Exit Signs, Fire Safety Signs & Egress Systems. Since we manufacture right here  in the US, our company is able to produce quality, affordable, signs with a smaller environmental impact.  Browse our product catalogs or if you don’t see something you are looking for, just contact us and we will be glad to help.


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