Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs

As it pertains to exit signs and path markers, photoluminescent technology is taking the world by storm. The tried and tested technology has proven to be the most reliable, durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly safety signage ever built. Photoluminescent safety signs can be designed to withstand any type of condition. Therefore, if you are a building owner looking for safety signs that will work if a fire breaks out, photoluminescent fire safety signs are the way to go.

The following will provide reasons why photoluminescent technology is the best option during a fire:

  • All aluminum construction – photoluminescent fire safety signs are built with one hundred percent aluminum materials, meaning that the safety signs will be fire retardant, and are able to withstand the heat emitted by fire.
  • Improved visibility and energy efficient – photoluminescent fire safety signs do not require a power supply to work. It uses ambient light as its energy source, and uses that energy to work itself. It works so well that photoluminescent technology allows the signs to stay lit and bright longer than battery operated egress markers.
  • Meets all building code requirements – An obvious staple for implementing proper safety signs, photoluminescent fire safety signs are code compliant.
  • Provided with PSA adhesive, or can fasten mechanically – depending on where you are wanting to install the fire safety sign, the photoluminescent fire signs provide the option of fastening in multiple ways. Therefore, no additional component pieces or sets are needed in order to install the safety exit sign.

Having been tested countless times in order to measure its efficiency photoluminescent technology has proven to longer lasting and more durable, as well as showing to promote faster evacuation. If a fire breaks out, then you will be relieved to know that you have the best working egress signage if you incorporated photoluminescent fire safety signs in your building. For more information regarding this product, contact GloBrite. GloBrite is a reliable and trusted source in the safety sign design industry. They can help you learn about, and install the best safety signs for your needs.

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