Photoluminescent Exit Signs: Six Reasons why they should be Implemented

Self-luminous safety products have achieved major advancements since they first entered the market. From exit signs to egress stripes, products that were once faintly lit for a short period of time now exhibit superior brightness and burn time. If your building contains electrical or tritium exit signage, below are six reasons to replace it with Globrite photoluminescent exit signs as soon as possible.

Cost Less to Operate

Here is the average 10-year operating cost (including purchase and installation):

• Incandescent: $1,465
• Compact fluorescent: $894
• LED: $370
• Tritium: $190
• Photoluminescent exit signs: $111

Although some photoluminescent signs cost more per unit than electrical signs, they make up for that cost in money saved. They are also less expensive than tritium signage, which requires a $75 disposal fee per sign.

Research shows that replacing 100 incandescent signs with electricity-free, maintenance-free photoluminescent signs will save over $3,500 annually in energy costs alone.

No Breakable Parts

Durability is seldom considered as an important trait of exit signage, but it should be. When falling debris or explosions that send out shockwaves precipitate evacuations, the bulbs and circuitry in electrical exit signage could break, and the radioactive capsules that power tritium signage could break as well. Conversely, photoluminescent signage contains no breakable parts, making it the ideal choice in the event of evacuations that are caused by earthquakes or explosions.

Long Lifespan

Globrite exit signs can last for 25 years or longer—a period of time in which they cost an average of $111 to purchase, install, and maintain. Most tritium signs last for 20 years, and most electrical ones last from 15 to 25 years. But unlike photoluminescent signage, their cost during this time can total thousands of dollars. With Tritium signage, additional cost occurs at the end of its lifespan in the form of disposal fees.

No Toxicity

Globrite exit signage is non-toxic. The same cannot be said for electricity-free tritium signage, which is powered by radioactive capsules. Instances of broken tritium capsules are rare, but they can end up in landfills when their lifespan is over, where their presence is anything but eco friendly.

No Carbon Pollution

Photoluminescent signage uses no electricity and does not contribute to carbon pollution. Electrical signage, on the other hand, contributes to carbon pollution 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and it runs up your electric bill on top of it.


Globrite photoluminescent signage is 100 percent recyclable. When its long lifespan is over, you can place it in a recycling bin. Neither electrical nor tritium signage can be as environmentally disposed of as photoluminescent signage.

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At Globrite, we sell self luminous evacuation signs, exit signs, building safety signs, and egress markings that offer superior visibility and burn for up to 96 hours in total darkness. Without our products in their buildings, some building owners expose themselves to lawsuits that result from unaddressed safety issues. To protect your finances and your building occupants, get the signage that you need from Globrite today.

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