Photoluminescent Exit Signs for Wet Locations

Myriad scenarios could cause an area in your building to become wet. Inclement weather, floor cleaning, issues with plumbing, a safety sprinkler system in the event of a fire, condensation from the HVAC system, heat or humidity creating moisture in the air – the list of reasons is numerous. Because there are several ways a location in your building could become wet, it would be wise to place an emergency or exit sign near, or in close proximity to the potentially wet area, especially if it is near a part of your building where people would be trying to exit in the event of an evacuation scenario. A smart and excellent option would be to invest in protecting your building and its occupants with photoluminescent exit signs.

Photoluminescent exit signs provide a wealth of advantages not only to wet locations of buildings, but to any location of a building, especially in areas where people would need to pass through during an evacuation situation. As it pertains to wet locations, photoluminescent exit signs are bright enough to alert anyone approaching the potentially hazardous area. If your emergency exit sign needs to be outside or exposed to inclement weather, photoluminescent exit signs are made with materials that are weather resistant, meaning it will not malfunction due to heavy water exposure – no matter how bad the weather turns.

Some people are still not familiar with photoluminescent technology, but they should be. Photoluminescent exit signs are so superior to competitor products that regulatory committees are making its implementation mandatory in many states. Photoluminescence offers an eco friendly, green alternative to traditional emergency signage; it lasts much longer (around twenty-five years), and requires zero energy consumption. Photoluminescent exit signs beat competitor products in every category.

To learn more about photoluminescent exit signs for wet locations, contact GloBrite today. GloBrite has been in the emergency egress signage business for a long time, and is a strong advocate of photoluminescent technology. GloBrite can help you make an quick and easy transition to photoluminescent exit signs, which will enable you to provide better protection not only in wet locations, but virtually every area of your building.

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