Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs Furnish Reliable Exit Routes

As important as any other aspect to safety markers, exit routes must be reliable. Fortunately, for business owners, there exists a product providing unbelievable reliability as it pertains to dependable exit routes when evacuating a building. Photoluminescent emergency exit signs are the most trustworthy evacuation components on the market today. A part of their accountability has to do with the fact that photoluminescent emergency exit signs require zero maintenance for at least a quarter of a century. That is right, over twenty-five years of unproblematic components throughout your building that will help people reach safety in the event of an emergency.

Another key element to the reliability of these exit routes is that they do not have to rely on other safety components to work. Unlike LED and incandescent signage, photoluminescent egress signs do not need an electrical or battery operated source of energy. Photoluminescence uses and stores ambient light, meaning it soaks in the surrounding light and can use that energy almost indefinitely to light the way to safety. With the older technology, if a battery ran out of energy, or a bulb buster, the entire egress component malfunctioned. Because of its simplicity in construction, photoluminescent signs can be placed appropriately and trusted for the next couple of decades to perform consistently, without issue.

Any building owner could explain how problematic overhead can be. So, at a time when most owners are looking for any way to reduce cost, why not implement the least expensive safety signage available? By already having the most cost effective exit routes installed throughout your building, a building owner does not have to consider cutting costs, and consequently tinkering with what is already in place, but is more expensive. Do not put yourself in a situation where you consider reducing signage in order to save money. Do yourself a favor and install photoluminescent emergency exit signs and start saving money, now.

GloBrite Systems – a branch of Jessup Manufacturing – is the only U.S. manufacturer of Photoluminescent Signage (Glow in the Dark Exit Signs). Our Photoluminescent technology is available in Exit Signs, Fire Safety Signs & Egress Systems. Since we manufacture right here in the US, our company is able to produce quality, affordable, signs with a smaller environmental impact. Browse our products or if you need assistance contact us.

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