Outside Emergency Exit Signs – Weatherproof Solutions

There are several different needs as it pertains to outdoor emergency exit signs requiring the meeting of many standards and codes. Concerning outdoor egress signage, one important aspect is to have outdoor emergency exit signs that provide weatherproof solutions. Companies that produce emergency markers are manufacturing and providing the most rugged and durable wet area location egress markers that are the top rated National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or NEMA, hazardous location exit signs in the industry.

NEMA rated outdoor emergency exit signs can be used in the most extreme and severe weather conditions, including rain, sleet, and snow. For hazardous conditions where temperatures will drop below the freezing point, there has been produced an internal heater option that can be purchased that allows the battery backup system within the main signage component to remain functional, even in drastically cold environments.

There are also more advanced models on the market pertaining to weatherproof solutions for outdoor emergency signage. There has been produced a combination exit sign model, complete with emergency lights for applications requiring both an exit sign and an emergency light. Another advantage to going this route with the purchase of this type of outside emergency exit sign is only one electrical connection is required, and only one battery backup system to maintain.

All models for this type of outside emergency exit signs should come with a standard five year warranty, but can be trusted to last for well over a decade. Pertaining to the best weatherproof solutions on the market today for emergency egress markings, those who are in the need should make sure that, especially if there emergency exit signs are going to be outside, that they are fitted and ready to face any time of weather condition, whether it be extreme heat, severe cold, rain, sleet or snow.

GloBrite can assist you with locating these products and offering them to you. Simply contact us to find out more about the kinds of weatherproof solutions you need regarding outside emergency exit signs.

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