Outdoor Exit Signs come with Photoluminescent Options

At present, if you are a building owner, or are someone who is in charge of placing egress marking throughout a building to ensure the safety of those who might need to evacuate in the event of an emergency, there is only one option to ensure both safety and the quality of materials – photoluminescence. Concerning the best product on the market for emergency outdoor exit signs, photoluminescent options are the absolute top quality materials on the market. The following will list reasons why, when installing outdoor exit signs, there is really only one true option to go with.

Photolumoinescent materials provide remarkable longevity:

Photoluminescence, because of the materials used to design the egress marker, will last around twenty-five years. That means if you install it today, it will last until nearly 2040. That is unbelievable reliability for an outdoor exit marker, especially when exposed to the outside environment.

Photolumoinescent egress signage is the perfect green alternative:

Emergency exit signs built with these materials are safe for people and for the environment. Old school exit signs were designed with materials that were not only more fragile and more susceptible to breaking or failure, but the materials used had harmful chemicals and materials that were not biodegradable. Now, with the invention of photoluminescent technology, outdoor exit signs can be incorporated that happen to be ecofriendly.

Photoluminescent exit signs are brighter:

One of the most popular and unfortunate complaints regarding older exit sign models is that, in really dark and smoky conditions, egress markers were very blurry or could not be read or seen at all. When trying to escape or evacuate an area under duress, having exit signs installed that cannot be read or seen defeats the purpose of trying to evacuate everyone to safety. Photoluminescent signs do not share this unfortunate problem, as they have been tested and have passed several drills and mock scenarios involving smoke, darkness, even ambient light and obstructions. This technology is easier to read, and stay brighter for much longer than conventional methods.

GloBrite is a company that offers information and solutions regarding photoluminescent options. Speak to a GloBrite representative to find out why you need to make the switch to photoluminescent technology sooner than later, because one never knows when outdoor exit signs need to be implemented in an emergency situation.

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