OSHA Green Evacuation Sign: Reduce Your Compliance Expenses with Eco-Friendly Products

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA regulates many building items to ensure your workers have a safe environment. Specific identifiers are designated to areas of danger, provide instructions, and inform workers of when caution is needed. Green materials used in newer products offer an environmentally friendly option to your business. Evacuation signs are one item required by OSHA regulations and must be present to assist individuals in finding exit locations during emergencies. If you have an existing building without these identifiers, the structure is currently not within compliance.

Exit signs must be present throughout construction, development projects, and regular business use. OSHA green evacuation signs may have the word “EXIT” printed on them or can also have the directional running man to denote the egress path. Some are also designed to identify stairwells or additional areas leading to an exit. You are required to have these items placed in the appropriate locations throughout your building.

Self Luminous Evacuation Signs Offer Many Cost Saving Benefits

You have three basic choices when choosing your egress identifiers: lighted, photoluminescent, and tritium signs. Incandescent lighting is the traditional method in most buildings, but has many disadvantages regarding both energy consumption and dependability. Electrically operated signage must have consistent power either supplied through the main source or by a backup generator. This can drastically increase the amount of money you spend each year for energy usage. It also provides a fail point for your egress system because both can be non-functional during an emergency. If power is not available, workers will have a hard time identifying the nearest exit point in your building.

Tritium signs were an alternative product designed to eliminate these signage complications; however, they consist of radioactive materials. This makes them expensive to dispose of, as well as dangerous if a fire or other disaster causes them to explode. Additionally, these signs are the most costly to purchase for your building. Many business owners are turning to self luminous evacuation signs in an effort to cut costs, provide dependable identifiers, and to become more environmentally friendly.

Photoluminescent products remove all associated energy costs because they store light emitted throughout your building each day. When the building becomes darker, they release this light as a glow which can be seen in complete dark or extremely smoky environments. Energy savings when self luminous evacuation signs are used can be in the thousands. You also eliminate the need for backup power and spend less when it comes time to replace these items. Signs have an average life span of twenty-five years meaning purchasing will be your main expense. Installation is easy, maintenance is minimal, and the signs are eco-friendly.

Since no radioactive materials are used, they are completely recyclable thus more cost effective to dispose. GloBrite products provide a safer environment for your workers at a lower overall cost. OSHA green evacuation sign requirements are easily met with our photoluminescent identifiers. Call our professionals today to learn about the associated cost savings and how we can help you remain in compliance with these important standards.

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