How do Luminous Films Enhance Safety Products?

luminous filmsIf you have installed any type of luminous safety product within your building or location, chances are you are extremely satisfied and thrilled with the functionality of the product. After all, the luminous glow is bright, providing excellent visibility throughout rooms, hallways, and corridors, and is aesthetically pleasing. In addition, no sound or interference comes from the placement and location of luminous products, and whoever is responsible for paying the utility bills for your building or location has likely noticed a reduced cost because luminous safety signage does not operate on electricity. However, if your building contains large hallways or corridors, much larger when compared to other buildings, or if you have equipped luminous markers at outdoor locations where weather plays a factor, it may be beneficial to switch to products with a luminous film to enhance the safety of the area.

Luminescent films are an additional enhancement to energy signs, because they are able to use green energy to power the signs. Luminous films absorb and store ambient light and then release the light during darkness. Such luminous films are used in manufacturing photoluminescent egress signage and markers. Such products have an extra layer of protection because they don’t rely on an outside power source to work. Building owners should feel very confident in the luminescent safety products that chose for their egress systems. If you should ever feel as if you green safety products could use an enhancement, below are advantages to implementing luminescent films.

wireless emergency exit signsLuminous film further increase the visibility of green emergency exit signs that have been installed in areas considered overly dark, and which are exposed to forces that significantly lend to the reduction of sight. Luminous films come with pressure sensitive adhesive, making it a simple and quick addition to emergency signage. Luminous films can also help photoluminescent emergency signage become even more more resistant to stains, obstructions, chemicals, and any type of corrosive substance that could erode the glow in the dark components and materials used to create green egress signage and markers. Lastly, the implementation of luminous films can make photoluminescent emergency signage more durable and stronger, as well as increase the green product’s ability to withstand forces that could act against its ability to function as intended.

For more information on whether luminous films would serve as an advantageous addition to your egress marking system, you can speak with a professional from GloBrite Systems. A GloBrite expert can review the safety features you already have in place, and help you determine whether luminous film is needed to enhance the safety products at your location. Because luminous films are cost effective, if you simply want to add performance enhancements to your already reliable green safety products, it would prove to be worth your time and effort.

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