It’s Electrical Safety Month

elctrical-safety-monthThe National Safety Council has named May National Electrical Safety Month. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has a lot of great recommendations for improving home and workplace electrical safety this month and throughout the year. One simple way that ESFI recommends improving electrical safety is de-energizing, which means powering down tools, devices, and equipment whenever possible.

De-energizing is the number one way to prevent electrical injuries and fatalities. Limiting energy consumption as much as possible is not only safe, it’s also eco-friendly. Using electricity when we don’t need to increases each of our carbon footprints and can create unsafe situations at home and in the workplace.

At GloBrite, we follow ESFI’s advice every day with our no-energy photoluminescent signs and tape. Our exit signs, safety signs, and egress markings all rely on ambient light to gain their charge and glow in the dark. No external power source is needed in order to operate GloBrite signs — they just need to be exposed to a regular source of at least 54 lux of light. This makes GloBrite signs a great choice for all sorts of residential and commercial buildings, as well as workplace locations that use a high amount of energy.

In areas like construction zones, power plants, and manufacturing plants where electrical hazards abound, utilizing no energy photoluminescent signs can help limit the amount of electricity in the atmosphere and minimize the risk of workplace accidents. GloBrite exit signs are certified explosion proof, meaning they won’t create or add to any risks of explosion or fire in your workplace.

GloBrite signs also won’t add to your workplace costs. The amount of energy needed to operate 100 incandescent exit signs every year adds up to about $3,500. Operating 100 photoluminescent signs doesn’t cost a penny. Plus, photoluminescent custom safety signs can last for upwards of 25 years and are 100% recyclable.

Put simply, photoluminescent signs are both the safer choice and the more cost-effective choice.

Learn more about how you can make your worksite safer with no-energy photoluminescent safety signs by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite, today.

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