Improving your Building’s Evacuation System

evacuation markingsIf the installation of your building’s evacuation system, or the upgrading of evacuation components and products, was performed several years ago, or even more frighteningly decades ago, then you might be unaware of the unbelievably innovative and efficient improvements and advancements that have been made regarding a building’s evacuation system. If you building’s evacuation system falls under the category concerning the time period described in the last sentence, then you are more than overdue for not only an improvement, but a total overhaul of your building’s evacuation system.

It is the hope that you have kept up to date with the myriad changes and amendments to the regulations, guidelines, and requirements involving evacuation systems for buildings. If you by chance have not, then it is strongly recommended that you seek the council of a company such as GloBrite Systems, which will help you become up to date on the current mandates set forth my federal regulatory committees. Regarding evacuation system products, if you are in desperate need of an upgrade, the good news is that the best technology ever invented for evacuation systems is currently available on the market today, and it is called photoluminescent technology. Photoluminescent evacuation system products for buildings are truly the latest and greatest in modern safety technology. Photoluminescent products represent an eco friendly, green alternative means of egress that does not require a connection to receive a direct source of energy. Instead, these products are wireless, do not require batteries, and are able to absorb energy from ambient light, storing it and then using it when required to function according to design. This means the photoluminescent products are safer, more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, and more cost effective than any other evacuation system product on the market at present.

In other words, what this means is that building owners stand to completely revolutionize their evacuation systems, which will provide a much safer environment for all building occupants. In addition, building owners will find themselves burning through nowhere near as much energy and utility power like they were with older, power dependent evacuation systems, which translated means your utility overhead is about to drastically decrease. Hooray! Because, as any building owner knows, business liabilities, such as company overhead keeps increasing at a much more rapid rate than revenue, so finding ways to cut deplete that overhead bears examining.

Just like the recommendation to retrieve evacuation system guideline information from GloBrite Systems, GloBrite is also a valuable resource for not only learning more about photoluminescent technology, but also purchasing photoluminescent products that can be implemented into your new, state of the art building evacuation system. Simply reach out to a GloBrite expert to find out.

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