How do Photoluminescent Products Help Businesses Meet IBC Emergency Lighting Codes?

photoluminescent productsThere are so many advantages for industrial businesses to make the change to and start using photoluminescent products, one of which involves photoluminescent products actually helping industrial businesses meet International Building Code, or IBC, emergency lighting codes. The first mandate proclaimed in the IBC emergency lighting code has to do with the required illumination of the means of egress in a building where the means of egress is occupied. Under the IBC, the means of egress, including the exit discharge, must be illuminated at all times when the building space served by the means of egress is occupied. What is so perfect about photoluminescent products is that they can stay, remain, and sustain illumination during this entire period, meaning businesses that utilize photoluminescent products will never have to worry about whether its required length of illumination is unfitting. In addition, as it pertains to the power, or level of illumination, a means of egress should never be less than one foot-candle (equal to eleven lux) at the walking surface. Photoluminescent products have been determined by all regulatory agencies of yielding the brightest glow, meaning photoluminescent products are always illuminating brighter than one foot-candle, at all times.

The IBC emergency lighting codes also have guidelines pertaining to emergency power for illumination. It specifies that the power supply for means of egress illumination shall be provided by the electrical supply on the premises. Moreover, the emergency power system should provide auxiliary power for no less than ninety minutes (a number that many regulatory agencies find grossly inadequate as a minimum standard). As contentious as the ninety minute minimum has become, no debate need be involved if an industrial business is using photoluminescent products, as photoluminescent products do not need assistance from emergency power, because these products are not connected to a needed supply of energy, as almost every other emergency product is. Instead, photoluminescent products absorb, store, and use the ambient light collected from its surroundings. This has proven to be one hundred percent efficient and extremely effective. And, photoluminescent products blow away that far too low minimum of ninety minutes, as these products will grow brightly, and in the dark for days without the need of additional ambient light, batteries, or a connected power source.

GloBrite Systems is one of the leading authorities and one of the first providers of photoluminescent products, because they researched and understood the superiority these products have over any other emergency and egress products. This is why industrial businesses that are interested in transitioning to photoluminescent products should contact GloBrite Systems, because you will be in excellent hands.

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