Glow in the Dark Exit Signs Provide Reliable Guidance to Occupants

Glow in the dark materials have been commonly found in toys but are now being applied to products such as building safety items as well. Owners are required to use signing to mark various exit points throughout a structure. Signs may be applied on doors, to notate hallway directions, as stair identification, and to help individuals locate important fire devices. Building safety products using this technology rely on regular light sources to release energy when light is not present. A child toy, for example, may create a glowing effect for approximately ten minutes or a little longer. Newer materials take this a step further by emitting a less intense light over an expanded time frame. Their soft green glow is sustained for hours to ensure everyone finds their way out during an emergency.

What does this product enhancement mean to you as a building owner? Before luminous signage became an option, you were required to use a combination of incandescently lit and non-luminous signage. This entailed depending on the main electrical supply along with a backup power source. If both failed, the typical signage could not be seen meaning your occupants were left on their own. Glow in the dark exit signs provide guaranteed visibility regardless of the building conditions present during time of egress. They provide increased safety to occupants and ensure your building is prepared for any type of disaster.

Fire Safety Signs: Understanding How Luminous Identifiers Work

Fire safety signs, door identifiers, egress markings, and any other needed item to properly sign your building can be acquired with glow in the dark materials. Signing may even be customized when traditional items do not fit the needs of your structure. Luminous identifiers are a cost effective option because they do not require electricity, upkeep, and have a minimal installation expense. The amount of money saved over incandescent products may be in the thousands depending on the size of your building. Not only do you get to save money but also increase the safety of every occupant.

Phosphor is one substance which may be energized to produce light and is common in products such as televisions. Many chemicals have been derived to include the same basic light emitting properties of phosphor. They require another form of energy to become energized, produce visible light, and glow for a specific period of time. In the case of fire safety signs, the chemical substance is mixed into the materials used to make the signs. These are pigments of inorganic nature which are applied to each marking product or identifier. Throughout each day, light is absorbed and stored to ensure the charge is present if an emergency should occur. When lighting or other items fail, the signs and path markings produce a green glow throughout important areas of your building allowing every occupant to identify the nearest exit point. Glow in the dark exit signs have become commonly recommended among most building codes because they are far more reliable than any other type of signing. GloBrite products can help make your building safer for everyone who enters its doors.

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