GloBrite Exit Signs: Remove Preceding Building Safety Product Limitations

GloBrite specializes in building safety products of a luminous nature to provide a reliable egress identification path for your structure. Finding an exit in a dark building is near impossible unless you have the right backup measures in place. Signs are designed to offer assistance to those who are unfamiliar with your building as well as those who may be injured or confused. You may have a well-planned evacuation but expect it to be forgotten during an immense natural disaster or fire. Panicking is very common due to the surrounding environment and GloBrite exit signs supply visual help to occupants attempting to leave your building. Before you understand the magnitude of these products over traditional items, you have to know what forms of visual aids are available to your structure.

Incandescent lighted exit identifiers have probably been the most common for many years whereas newer forms such as Tritium or luminous signing are more recent choices. Traditionally lighted signs only work if electricity is present, meaning they have to either have the main or backup power source available to remain lit. Relying on power is risky because generators and batteries can fail. Tritium signing was the first step at eliminating power restrictions but creates the illuminating effect by means of radioactive materials. These materials increase disposal expense and are dangerous during fire due to the possibility of explosion. Luminous products eliminate both these complications in addition to costing less to maintain.

Self Luminous Safety Signs: What Are the Cost Advantages?

Self luminous safety signs provide multiple cost benefits over their alternatives in regards to installation and care. A single incandescent identifier has to be connected to main power and a backup generator through wiring. Professional electricians are required to complete the installation which is another expense on top of purchasing and wiring. A backup generator must be bought as well as maintained regularly. Photoluminescent products are far easier to install because they do not need wiring, an expert, or additional setup materials. Tritium signing has these same benefits but costs more to purchase and dispose of than self luminous safety signs. You should also consider the operational costs when comparing your signing options. Incandescent signs have electricity being consistently supplied to them. By replacing one-hundred lighted identifiers with luminous alternatives, you can save over three grand each year in energy costs.

Maintenance is another cost saving area when choosing to install photoluminescent items in your building. Light bulbs do not have to be changed frequently, wiring testing is eliminated, and replacement is not necessary for up to twenty-five years. Luminous signing is basically maintenance free and prevents the typical complications experienced from neglected care in a crisis situation. While Tritium signs do eliminate energy complications, their disposal costs are much greater due to their radioactivity. GloBrite exit signs consist of environmentally friendly materials that make them very easy to replace. And – there is no disposal cost at their end of life. As a leader in eco-friendly photoluminescent safety products, GloBrite allows you to provide reliable code compliant identifiers at the most affordable price. Contact us today to learn about the many products we have available and how they can improve the safety of your building.

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