Fire Protection Safety Can Be Eco Friendly

As it pertains to fire protection safety, the International Code Council (ICC) specifies certain types of fire safety signs that should be placed in all buildings regardless of its size. Similar to emergency exit signage and floor identification markers, fire protection safety signs can provide building occupants with critical information in the event that a fire erupts inside a building that directs these people and can help lead them out of the building and toward safety. Another splendid benefit to having fire protection safety markers installed throughout a building is the emergency signs can also provide building occupants with information that allows them to access fire fighting equipment, instructions on how to effectively use the equipment, and potentially extinguish a fire before it claims a building, and even worse, lives.

The following will list some of the commonly implemented International Code Council approved fire safety signs, in no particular order:

  • “Push until alarm sounds” signs
  • “Push to exit” signs
  • Area of refuge signs
  • Exterior area for assisted rescue signs
  • Fire hose signs
  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • Fire hose and standpipe unit signs

Although some building owners apply non-luminous fire safety signs and do not realize that fire protection safety can be eco friendly, applying luminous fire safety signs anticipates the possibility of thick smoke that could render non-luminous fire safety signs ineffective. In addition, luminous signage, also known as bright, glow in the dark emergency signs, are now built with eco friendly materials. Therefore, by installing luminous egress marker technology, building owners can eliminate the concern of thick smoke blocking the vision of people trying to evacuate their building during a fire, as well as install eco friendly fire protection safety materials that are more reliable, more durable, more effective, and longer lasting, while simultaneously reducing maintenance, cost, resource consumption, and malfunctioning parts. Most importantly, the eco friendly fire protection safety signs eliminates the harm and hazard certain materials used to build other types of egress signage commits on people and the environment.

It is unfortunate to know that sometimes people view fire safety signs as an ancillary measure in fire safety, even though fire protection safety signs have

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