Finding the Most Energy Effective Exit Signs

energy effective exit signsWhen older model exit signs were installed in buildings, the technology available only allowed for plug in models that needed a connection to an electrical outlet because that was the way traditional model exit signs operated at the time. Even though plug in exit signs were the only model of exit signage available, problems persisted due to needing a connection to a power source, the most serious of which involved fire hazards arising from spikes and surges in the electrical current traveling to the exit signs. Other issues with plugged in exit signs include drastic increases in utility bills, the rising of business overhead, and an overall inefficient and unreliable emergency egress product that might malfunction, without detection, unless the exit signs are continually checked.

Although plug in exit signs represent an outdated classification of emergency exit sign models, many buildings and structures required to have egress markers are still using this hazardous design, despite the presence of wireless, energy effective exit signs. At present, building owners and businesses can install energy efficient, wireless exit signs that are safer and more cost effective when compared to outdated, plug in models. The following information should help your business find the most energy efficient exit signs available on the market today.

As previously described, plugged in exit signs can be hazardous. Plug in exit signs are a fire hazard, as spikes and surges in electrical current flow can happen, and all it takes is a single spike or surge to overheat an exit sign and cause it to become aflame. In addition, using an exit sign connected to an electrical current costs businesses and building owners an exorbitant amount of money in energy costs every year. Along with energy usage, plugged in exit signs require routine maintenance checks to ensure proper safety is being met. Installing new, state of the art wireless exit signs is the most energy effective way to protect the occupants of your building, while having sustainable, cost effective egress signage. Wireless exit signs do not require a single source of electricity. Instead, wireless exit signs, especially signs infused with photoluminescent technology, absorb the surrounding, or ambient, light to function as intended, and require zero energy or power from outlets and electrical connections. Since the signs are wireless, installation is less cumbersome and time consuming. Your building can transition in just a day.

Outdated exit sign models were developed with materials and components now deemed biohazards, and considered unsafe for practical use. Current models of wireless, photoluminescent exit signs are designed with technologically advanced materials, developed by scientists, which use eco friendly, green alternative components proven as safe for both people and the environment.

GloBrite Systems is a proponent of wireless exit signs, especially signs designed with photoluminescent technology, because of its much higher safety standards and its advanced energy effective qualities. Customers can get these energy effective exit signs from GloBrite – a purveyor of excellent egress products.

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