Find a Photoluminescent Sign Manufacturer that Meets OSHA Safety Standards

 Meet OSHA Safety StandardsFederal regulatory agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), set guidelines and regulations regarding how and what kind of safety signs can be used in buildings and office locations. As it pertains to OSHA safety standards, it behooves a business or a building owner to locate a manufacturer of exit signs designed to already meet those set standards. While the business is working on finding a manufacturer, make sure that, when a manufacturer is located, the safety signs are made with photoluminescent technology, which has been conceded by most regulatory commissions as the best type of safety signage available on the market today.

If locating an emergency exit sign manufacturer is proving difficult, another option is to find a proprietor of photoluminescent signs, such as GloBrite Systems – a company that has been manufacturing signs with glow in the dark properties for years. In addition, they can provide expert consultation regarding photoluminescent signs. Why is using GloBrite Systems as a supplier of photoluminescent signs – a company that can also provide consultation – so imperative? Many photoluminescent sign suppliers do not receive their egress products from a manufacturer that designs products to meet OSHA safety guidelines and compliance standards, even though the manufacturer might claim otherwise. In addition these manufacturers probably offer glow in the dark signage, similar to photoluminescence, but with out of date technology.

GloBrite Systems offers photoluminescent safety signs that have been tested, and have proven to be one hundred percent efficient. GloBrite ensures, through thorough testing policies and procedures, that all of its photoluminescent signs are guaranteed to be completely self sustainable. In addition, GloBrite stands behind its photoluminescent safety products. Should you require proof of GloBrite’s credentials in order to verify the company’s claim that photoluminescent signs are the best, and meet OSHA safety standards, both the EPA and OSHA are making the use of photoluminescent technology mandatory, which many states have ratified.

Do not deal with suppliers and manufacturers that try to sell you on a glow in the dark sign without consulting its true essence. Consult with GloBrite Systems – the best resource for acquiring glow in the dark safety signs designed with photoluminescent technology. The eco friendly, green alternative business has been a reputable supplier of safety signs and safety product for almost sixty years, and has secured dependable, repeat business from its customers because of its excellent and trustworthy provisioning of the best safety products available.

A GloBrite professional can address your questions and concerns about its supplying options and methods. They can evaluate your particular safety needs, make recommendations, and help your business reach optimal safety. They can also explain how transitioning from power sourced emergency systems to non power signs will save your business time and money on both maintenance and energy costs. Contact them today so your business can get the information necessary to move forward with updating your building emergency systems.

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