Exit Sign Requirements – Green Solutions

Although alternative materials that are currently used to create exit signs provide a more eco friendly alternative to egress signage, green solutions are not currently a requirement for exit signs. However, after understanding the enormous benefits to implementing green solutions to your building, office, or even outdoor facility that requires egress markers, it would be difficult to understand why a building or business owner would not make the switch immediately. After reading some of the information below, perhaps the reader will realize that green solutions for exit signs is the obvious, and only choice.

Green solutions are safer for people and for the environment

This subheading should be the primary clue as to why someone should switch immediately to a better alternative. Older markings and hazard signs were built with materials that contained harmful substances that hurt the environment, are not biodegradable, and could harm those in close proximity. Exit signs designed with green solutions are the opposite, as they are safe for the environment and everyone, and they are biodegradable.

Eco friendly alternatives last longer

This is true, as newer exit sign models are not only built with safer materials, these materials are more sustainable, as it captures and stores ambient light, and uses it as a source of energy to continue to run indefinitely. Some tests have even proven that these newer egress signs will last close to twenty-five years.

Green alternatives are less expensive

This notion completes the trifecta. Not only to building owners use longer lasting, safer exit signs, they get to reduce their overheard in the process. Business owners have been hit with increased overhead and liabilities over the years, with even more piling on in the future. Here is a perfect way to reduce cost, while increasing the likelihood that you will save lives in the event that an emergency evacuation unfolds.

GloBrite is up to date with all of the latest green solutions available to companies in need of an upgrade. Contact GloBrite to learn more, and to start incorporating ecofriendly alternatives that will increase safety and decrease cost.

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