Evacuating in an Emergency – Is your Building Ready?

emergency evacuation buildingsIt is a safety procedure all building owners dread, not only because of what it means – that an event horrific enough to force people to leave a location is occurring – but also because so many scenarios could turn for the worse when trying to evacuate people from a large structural location. If a terrible situation ends up being the cause for an emergency evacuation, due to past occurrences with buildings such as 9/11 involving the World Trade Center, the people who are being evacuated will likely be stricken with fear, concerned for their own well being, which could consequently result in a panic. People evacuating a location in a panic could lead to a chaotic situation where risk is involved, because panic stricken individuals in an enclosed area often turns into a mass frenzy of people racing toward safety. Immediately, the concern for injuries, accidents, even people losing their way while trying to flock to safety should be apparent, as people who are in a frenzied state are usually not thinking clearly, and not paying attention to their surroundings, meaning they might not be following your building’s egress markers and indicators.

The best steps a building owner can take is to ensure that his or her building is outfitted with the best emergency egress and evacuation systems, devices, components, practices, and protocol. For example, implementing emergency exit signs and other egress indicators that are designed with photoluminescent technology provides the best method of leading people to safety, more so than any other safety signage technology. Photoluminescent products are more reliable and more durable than competing evacuation products, and they require very little, to no maintenance, whatsoever. This means photoluminescent exit signs and markers can be completely trusted to glow in the dark brighter than all other types of light source technologies, and they can be observed through thick smoke, in the event of a fire. Another great idea and solid investment would be the incorporation of grip tape and non slip tape throughout stairwells and on steps, to help with the footing, traction, and the gripping of handrails as people carelessly race down the stairwells during an evacuation procedure. These tapes are also excellent for providing friction on the surface of areas that become easily wet or slippery, effectively minimizing the number of accidental falls, especially during an evacuation procedure.

Though the likelihood of you building having a serious emergency that causes people to immediately evacuate the location is quite minimal, history teaches us that, if such an event should occur, it can be catastrophic. Therefore, it is best to be ready in case an emergency evacuation ever takes place, because if it does, you will want everyone to reach safety, as quickly as possible. To give your occupants the best shot of reaching safety, contact GloBrite Systems, and speak to one of their professionals about photoluminescent technology and non slip tape products.

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