Does OSHA Really have an Impact on Worker Safety?

worker safetyThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, was created by congress in 1970. OSHA was created to help both employers and workers reduce job injuries, illnesses, and death by implementing national compliance initiatives in occupational safety and health. Does OSHA really have an impact on worker safety? OSHA does help businesses protect its employees, and has proven, through concrete evidence, to reduce the number of workplace accidents. Since 1970, workplace deaths have decreased by more than sixty percent, and occupational injuries and illnesses have reduced by forty percent. At present, OSHA has conducted nearly forty thousand inspections, and has issued more than eighty-five thousand citations for safety violations.

OSHA’s number one priority, to ensure the health and safety of a worker, is always in effect at a job site, during working hours. OSHA agents have seen what culminates from ignoring or slacking the guidelines set forth by the agency, which involves serious injuries and sometimes death. OSHA agents work to maximize safety protocol to the highest degree, which, when successful, minimizes accidents. General contractors should provide a safe work environment for its labor force at all times, and failure to do so subjects these contractors to levied penalties.

OSHA welcomes and encourages both employers and workers to contact the agency should either party have any questions or concerns pertaining to OSHA rules, regulations, and guidelines relegated to the job site. OSHA representatives will clarify or explain set guidelines so any confusion regarding OSHA policies and standards can be eliminated. It is the right of the employee to know how he or she is protected while laboring at a job site.

Another method of understanding how much of an impact OSHA truly has on worker safety is to contact a business that is heavily involved in industry, and has a profound understanding of OSHA rules, guidelines, and regulations, as well as explain in critical detail OSHA’s policies. A business that can successfully perform this essential duty is GloBrite Systems. GloBrite professionals have a deep understand of OSHA policies in regards to building emergency and evacuation systems– so much so, that they can thoroughly explain how exactly OSHA impacts both business and worker safety in emergency situations. GloBrite is widely considered an informed resource for knowledge concerning OSHA standards, and the company’s professionals help industrial businesses remain uniformly compliant. In addition, the labor force can always be aware of its evacuation safety rights by consulting with GloBrite experts.

In summary, OSHA has a vital impact on worker safety, and both businesses and workers should be thankful that an agency such as OSHA works toward enabling the rights of both parties, and ensuring optimum safety standards are always present and assured at job sites. Keeping accidents and injuries minimal is OSHA’s goal and should be the goal of every trustworthy company performing work, in the United States.

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