Comprehensive Building Safety using Solar Powered Egress Systems

It is understood that building owners consider installing building safety within and around their structures a high priority, if not the number one priority. However, the latest studies that regulatory committees such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have performed have led them to believe that to truly install comprehensive building safety, a building owner must use solar powered egress systems, such as photoluminescent technology. The reason regulatory organizations have come to this conclusion is plentiful:

  • Solar powered egress systems are the best green alternative (eco friendly) emergency signage available on the market today. The products do not harm the environment, do not harm people, and are biodegradable.
  • Scientists and those who have tested solar powered egress systems have observed that the products are more reliable, more efficient, more durable, and longer lasting (photoluminescence, a type of solar powered egress marker, is said to last as many as twenty-five years).
  • Solar powered egress consumers are not an energy consumer, meaning the products are cost effective, and do not exhaust resources. Therefore, these products do not rely on a supplied power source or batteries to operate, subsequently meaning that maintenance, upkeep, and concern for malfunctioning materials are significantly reduced.

For additional reasons as to why regulatory businesses have determined that solar powered egress systems are the only comprehensive building safety emergency signage products, get in touch with a company called GloBrite Systems. The GloBrite company is considered by many in their industry as the pioneers of creating and helping install solar powered egress systems, such as photoluminescent technology, in numerous building throughout the country. In addition, GloBrite has been involved in this industry for almost fifteen years, which can lead to the conclusion that most businesses and building owners believe that GloBrite is an authority on developing and delivering comprehensive building safety measures, especially through the use of solar powered egress systems.

Call GloBrite today, one of their professionals is ready to assist you and help you install the comprehensive building safety you need by using solar powered egress systems.

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