Compliance Signs for Building Egress Codes

Safety signage for buildings must adhere to a strict set of building egress codes. The reason for this is, even though the likelihood of a tragic incident unfolding are low, trying to evacuate a building can be quite difficult. Due to the horrific tragedies during the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the world got a front row look on how terrible it would be to be trapped in a building, with a low chance of survival. Building owners and compliance regulators want to prevent this from happening again at all costs, therefore regulation organizations are strict with their building egress codes and enforcement of compliance signs.

There are several types of compliance signs that adhere to strict building egress codes, but the key is to find the right types of compliance signs that will best outfit your building with precise, reliable, and beneficial emergency directions. Most professional companies involved in the industry will only provide compliance signs that adhere to building egress codes. It is recommended that you seriously consider a newer, eco friendly option for your compliance signs, such as photoluminescent emergency markers, for your benefit, as well as for the benefit of your building and especially for the occupants. This blog recommends photoluminescent technology as a method to adhere to building egress codes.

Photolumoinescent is the most reliable, durable, and effective form of compliance signs available, as described by numerous testing results on the product. The materials used for photoluminescence are not as fragile, are safer compared to conventional signage, and provide a green alternative. They do not require nearly as much maintenance as older emergency products need, and have proven to last much longer than its predecessors.

For more information on how you can best incorporate compliance signs in your building in order to satisfy building egress codes, call GloBrite. A GloBrite professional will be more than happy to assist you with purchasing and installing compliance signs that will not only meet building egress codes, but will provide the best safety measure on the market today for your building.

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