Communicate Safety and Promote Wellness with Custom Signs

CustomSafetySignsIt is the responsibility of employers to make their workplaces as safe and healthy as possible. OSHA recommendations should be followed at all times, as should federal and local standards, in order to create a workplace where hazards are minimized and appropriate precautions are taken in dangerous situations. One way to make your workplace not only meet but exceed safety standards is with custom workplace safety signs.
Imagine you run a manufacturing plant with any number of potentially dangerous machines and areas. Signs that simply say “Caution” or “Danger’ can alert people that they need to be careful, but such signs don’t go far enough to tell people what they need to be careful about. With custom safety signs, business owners can make their workplaces even safer by creating warnings that are specific to their needs.
For example, rather than having a sign that simply warns, “Caution: Dangerous Machinery,” you can create a sign that explains in a few words why the machinery is dangerous and what precautions workers must take around it. Perhaps there is a danger in having an open flame near the machine, or perhaps you simply need to wear eyeglasses when you’re in the machine’s vicinity. Explaining specific precautions in a few words can help drastically improve the efficacy of safety signs.
Another way custom safety signs can be more effective is by making them more visible. Many companies rely on electric signs to display important safety information, but electric signs are not suited to a number of dangerous work environments. If you have a work area where you cannot run electricity, where you must endure wet conditions, or where there is a risk of blackouts, electric signs will not be particularly effective. Instead, glow-in-the-dark safety signs can be used to clearly display safety information in lighted and dark conditions.
Glow-in-the-dark custom workplace safety signs can be printed in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors. Then, if the lights ever suddenly go out, these signs will glow, making them more effective than electric signs in a number of situations. Glow-in-the-dark signs are also more energy efficient and reduce the number of fire hazards in dangerous work areas.
Contact Jessup Manufacturing Company, the makers of GloBrite®, in order to explore the advantages of custom workplace safety signs and learn how they can help make your work environment safer.

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