Can Photoluminescent Exit Signs Be Used Outdoors?

With the advent of photoluminescent exit signs and the technology used to produce these types of signage, it has revolutionized the egress marking industry. Once people who are in need of these types of emergency markers, mostly business owners, building owners and those who are in charge of offices, discover and try photoluminescent exit signs, there is no hesitation regarding the purchase of this product. Today, with the growing need of outdoor egress markings for emergency situations, people who are in need of these emergency signs want to know if photoluminescent exit signs can be used outdoors.

The simple answer to the above mentioned question is yes – photoluminescent exit signs can be used outdoors. Not only have photolumoinescent exit signs been developed with state of the art technology, the materials used are rugged, durable, and resistant to any type of extreme weather – hot, cold, or wet. Another added bonus is not only are the materials weather proof, they are ecofriendly, meaning they are safe for people to operate and be in close proximity, as well as safe for the environment. Photoluminescent exit signs have been tested and proven to work outdoors, and continue to operate without fail in heavy rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, lightning, even in extreme heat and humidity, as well as below freezing temperatures.

If you happen to be in need of emergency signage that can be used outside, you should contact GloBrite right away. GloBrite provides photoluminescent exit signs that can handle all weather conditions, along with being reliable, durable, ecofriendly, and inexpensive. There is such an incredible advantage to using photoluminescent technology that most state laws are requiring, through mandatory regulations, that companies and buildings start using them because they are such a drastic improvement over the egress alternatives. Do not delay and longer, call GloBrite now to learn more about our safety signage and this innovative technology.

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