Can OSHA Level Penalties Against Businesses?

osha safety finesAlthough most industrial businesses usually complain about federal regulatory agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, regulatory committees like OSHA have been created to act as a watchdog assessor, ensuring the industrial businesses are following safety guidelines and protocol in a work environment. Far too many workplace accidents have been filed throughout the decades as it pertains to injuries, and even fatalities, many of which were a direct result of organizational incompetence, laziness, and negligence, and many of which could have been prevented. Unfortunately, even with regulatory committees like OSHA out there doing its best to police industrial companies at a given workplace, there is not much incentive for industrial businesses to truly hold themselves and their employees accountable for maximizing safety protocol at a workplace. Therefore, regulatory agencies like OSHA must be able to have the ability to level penalties against business that break safety policy. One of the methods that OSHA can level penalties is in the form of expensive fines. Although fines, which can be as high as the hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, depending on the severity of the broken rule and/or regulation, might sound exorbitant or like an extreme step to take, it has proven to be the best way to keep industrial businesses accountable and willing to make sure that safety standards are followed at a work site at all times.

No price can be placed on an individual’s life, as a person’s life is priceless. No fee amount can be extracted that will compensate for a seriously debilitating injury or the loss of life. So, please keep that in mind when you read about hefty fines levied by OSHA against industrial businesses. These fines serve to protect lives. If you were to research accidents happening at industrial work sites, you will come across a ton of incidents, including a recent one at Cooper Power Systems, in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You must understand that each industrial accident where heavy machinery and chemicals are involved can consequently lead to a potentially devastating scenario, and the cause of these accidents usually involves negligence and carelessness. If that does not scare you, it should. Why? Because these accidents could have ramifications that could effect a town, or even an entire city, and cause many people to become exposed to dangerous circumstances that could be life threatening.

GloBrite Systems understands that, even though federal regulatory committees like OSHA receive a ton of backlash, the agency exists to perform a job that keeps employees, residents, and the environment out of harm’s way. GloBrite can provide all the information you need regarding OSHA, the agency’s list of rules and regulations, and how those mandates impact and influence your industrial business. Allow GloBrite to help you avoid penalties and fines by ensuring your industrial company performs its duties the correct way – as safely as possible.

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