California Stairwell Guidelines & Safety Codes

Regarding buildings in the beautiful and sunny state of California, all building owners, as wells as anyone who occupies a building for an extended period of time on a daily basis should know and understand the California Stairwell Guidelines and safety codes. Accidents happen in buildings more than some care to admit, which is why the state of California ensures that building owners take stairwell guidelines and safety codes seriously through the enforcement of strict policies. Accidents in stairwells is one of the most common occurrences of accidents reported annually, and most times it involved something as silly as an unintentional slip and fall that was not provoked. Imagine if something happened in your building, such as a fire breaking out, and people had to evacuate the building, with most of those people having to take the stairwell. If your stairwell is not properly equipped with the necessary emergency exit signs and egress markings, you are likely breaking the mandatory California stairwell guidelines and safety codes.

GloBrite Systems is in the business of informing and preparing building owners and businesses that occupy large building spaces with whatever the state’s stairwell guideline and safety code procedure is, according to the state’s law. In California, with a very dense population, especially in the cities where there are numerous buildings, taking every precaution is a must to avoid accidents, fines, or even worse – a fatality. California businesses and building owners would be wise to contact GloBrite Systems to learn more about their state’s stairwell guidelines and safety codes, and how to make sure they fall within the guidelines. GloBrite will also explain to you what steps need to be taken, and what products need to be installed in order to provide the best safety measures to minimize any threat of accidents.

If an event occurs that requires people to evacuate your building, you will be thankful that you took the time and made the effort to speak to a GloBrite professional. If you did converse with a GloBrite representative, and you followed their wise instruction on stairwell guidelines and safety code compliancy, you will find solace knowing you did everything to make sure everyone in your building has the best opportunity to evacuate safely.

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