Masters of glow

Glo Brite® photoluminescent films for safety

Glo Brite® photoluminescent films and rigid sheets are intrinsically safe and sustainable materials used in exit signs, safety signs, and egress path markings in buildings, planes, trains and ships. Jessup is one of the top manufacturers in the world and specializes in customizing photoluminescent films, sheets, and tapes for safety applications, signage and graphic arts.

Jessup develops specific luminance values for different applications and standards. Photoluminescent pigments are mixed with many different polymer matrices to produce thermoplastic and thermo set film. Jessup is expert in the technology and can design products to exacting performance criteria. Safety grade sign products comply with applicable U.S. and international codes. Printable promotional grade films are used for decals, stickers, banners, and premiums.

Exit and safety signs made of Glo Brite® films and sheets require no electricity or wiring. They do not emit radioactivity like tritium signs do and they are not toxic. The signs absorb and store ambient light and glow brightly in the dark. Glo Brite® signs provide bright, consistent, visible illumination in blackout or smoky conditions.