Wet Area Floor Safety: A Little Attention Goes a Long Way

USS Mahan Installation 8-14Wet area floor safety measures are essential in or around work places, commercial facilities, and even at home. A surface will occasionally become wet, even if you do everything possible to keep it dry because spills happen unexpectedly and it is easy to transition water from outside to inside. A wet floor is dangerous even when you have put signs out to warn individuals before they walk on it. To avoid a dangerous slip or fall, you have to take several precautionary measures for everyone who might travel through the area.

Eliminating The Risks
Wet area floor safety is a combative tool to preventing serious injuries resulting in a hospital stay, prolonged harm, or even death. These types of accidents are the largest contributor to injuries in every industry. On average, they cause approximately fifteen percent of all accidental deaths. The costs of a serious injury often include medical expenses, legal costs, workers compensation, and more. The installation of mats, safety tapes, and treads are far less expensive for your business or facility.

Wet or oily floors, weather hazards, spills, and loose rugs are all common causes for injury. Precautions must be taken to prevent individuals from loosing their balance or slipping in these scenarios. A number of options are available to individuals, businesses, and work facilities for preventing a serious injury including:

  • Using Warning Signs
  • Blocking Off the Location
  • Immediate Clean-up
  • Use of Fans to Dry Surfaces Faster
  • Ensuring Adequate Lighting
  • Eliminating Obstacles from Traffic Areas
  • Covering Cables or Cords in Walkways
  • Practicing Good Housekeeping

A simple installation of the right wet area floor safety items along with proper maintenance practices as mentioned above is enough to avoid costly, harmful slips, trips, and falls in many cases.

Application of Wet Area Floor Safety Products
Items such as skid resistant treads, tapes, and mats provide a simple, affordable option for accident prevention. These products provide further gripping to counteract wet surfaces, slick shoes, or alternative situations where a high potential exists for individuals easily sliding or losing their balance. Proper safety involves assessing the environment to determine common or potential hazard locations.

Entrances to a building are a good example, as it is easy to track in snow, water, or mud from outside. These nuisances will create an even bigger problem if the appropriate wet area floor safety items have not been installed. If you are trying to determine the best locations for installation, consider the following areas first:

  • Entrances/Exits
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Ramps
  • Work Areas
  • Sloped Flooring
  • Floor Type Transitions
  • Aisles or Walkways

The above locations are all common for slips, trips, or falls because they involve transitions between different types of flooring, consistent spills or wetness, and uneven surfaces. Individuals are easily able to lose their balance or unexpectedly slip on any surface where wet area floor safety products have not been properly installed. One fall is capable of a large sum of unexpected expenses and all you need to do is apply the right products for the job. At Jessup MFG, we offer several wet area floor safety solutions for keeping your office, facility, or commercial locations safer. Contact us today.

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