What are Catwalk Graphics & How are they Used?

catwalk graphicsIf a business were looking to advertise a product, logo, or brand for an indoor event with the use of floor graphics, then CatWalk indoor floor graphics would be the premium choice to ensure a brilliant and successful advertising campaign. CatWalk floor graphics and advertising designs are a very creative indoor advertising medium designed with non slip materials that ensure those attendees who walk across or on top of the graphic design to not accidentally slip and fall due to a slippery surface. The CatWalk advertising solution is used for both short and medium period applications, which has been determined to be a day long, weekend, week long, and even month long indoor advertising event. The film used to develop the CatWalk consists of a dimensionally stable translucent film, which is textured to provide a slip resistant surface. The reverse of the CatWalk design side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, meaning the force placed on the floor graphic determines its strength of attachment to the surface. The pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied inside any location, and placed on various types of surfaces. The floor graphic ad can be easily removed, no matter when you eventually decide to get rid of the CatWalk graphic, and it is guaranteed to not leave behind any residue, no matter how long you have left it in place.

custom floor graphicsNaturally, your indoor promotional event will include numerous guests, with plenty of food and beverages available. With beverages comes the potential for accidental spills. The good news is that CatWalk floor graphics offer an extremely secure, slip resistant surface that easily repels liquids and condensation, and is even resistible to chemical solvents. Taking all that has been mentioned into account, a business looking for an advantageous tool to use for promotional purposes at an indoor event will be utilizing a floor graphic advertising component that is extremely durable to foot traffic. In addition, CatWalk graphics can be applied to several different types of surfaces, including tile, marble, concrete, linoleum, porcelain, and even vinyl.

The following are specific scenarios and situations where CatWalk graphics have been hugely successful when put into practical use for an indoor promotional event: at the point of purchase or point of sale, at supermarkets and shopping malls, at fast food restaurants, at pharmacies, at museums, inside showers, bathtubs, pools, saunas, and other wet locations and areas.

Along with being able to last up to three months in use, other advantages to using CatWalk floor graphics include its applicability to almost any type of wet areas, it is slip resistant, it can be designed either two or three dimensionally, it can be cut with a normal cutting plotter, it does not require specialized lamination, it is treated with anti bacterial substances, and is made of white opaque material.

If you’re curious how CatWalk grphics will work for you, then request a free sample today!

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