How Long can Floor Graphics last Indoors?

Previous blogs have been written and posted in this section offering information on floor graphics, how the design process works, AAU1how you can incorporate them in an event, and how to place the artistic image in a specific location in the event arena. It is likely, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of floor graphics, that you have already heard much about its popularity, rave reviews, along with its success when used at events. While floor graphics are indeed superb for social gatherings, what if you need a floor graphic design that has to last a long time, in an indoor setting, for several months, perhaps even a year? Your first concern is the longevity of the floor image, especially because of the wear and tear that might be placed on it, such as foot traffic, the laying of objects on it, and the spillage of liquids and chemicals (floor cleaners). How long will floor graphics last indoors?

The first step you probably want to take is to contact companies that provide indoor floor graphics, and ask them how long their digitally comprised images will last under the specific circumstances you provide during the conversation. After you contact all of the providers of digitally rendered indoor floor graphics, and have complied the information to make an accurate comparison, you will analyze the information in front of you. Luckily, Asphalt Art, a premier provider of floor graphics, has already comprised a product comparison sheet that includes all of the types of floor graphics provided by the company, along with information explaining the measured durability of their product designs.

When you read the contents of the product comparison sheet, you will notice that whether your company is looking for water proof signage or indoor floor graphics for a sporting event, Asphalt Art offers a wide selection of floor graphic products that will likely satisfy any requirements you have. As it pertains to the longevity of our floor graphics, you will notice, along with a detailed explanation of how the graphic arts designs are designed and created, the expected durability of our product. Regarding indoor floor graphics, if you were to acquire your indoor floor graphic from Asphalt Art, you can expect the product to last as long as one to two years, depending on the type of indoor floor graphic you get and where the item is placed.

If you have any questions concerning Asphalt Art’s product comparison page, or if you are still unsure of which kind of product you need from our company, one of our professionals will be happy to navigate any questions or concerns you may have. Explain to us what you want, and the type of event you are having, and we will point you in the right direction for the type of floor art you need. Asphalt Art professionals are happy to assist you in making the best decision possible for your upcoming event.

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