How can Floor Graphics help Retailers?

Let us say that you are an avid fisherman and you just walked into a sporting goods store. When you walk in the store, one of the fist images you see is the humungous logo on the floor of the store. Suddenly, you are imagining yourself strolling into a mountain AAU1stream with your favorite fishing rod, joyful that you are going to spend this summer day doing your favorite hobby. Back to reality! You find yourself back in the sporting goods store, and that fisherman’s paradise you just conjured was derived from the printed floor graphic, which probably just led you to your upcoming purchase in the store. Success! … Exclaims the retail store manager.

Among the point-of-purchase displays, in-store banners and event promotion materials, as well as the store’s floor graphics, floor graphic companies fulfill much of the retail industry’s marketing needs. Floor graphics have become an excellent complementary to the just mentioned additional marketing applications, with their creative uses and strong branding capabilities.

While you may have heard of floor graphics before, have you really considered them for your place of business? Have you thought about the potential your floor has to impress your customers? Floor graphics can be a wonderful way to tap into typically unused spaces in your retail store for a relatively small amount of money. No matter if your indoor floor is made of concrete, wood, or tile, or if you decide to place the floor graphics outside on pavement or asphalt, your empty floor space should be considered a blank canvas that can work to your advantage in promoting your brand and attracting customers. It is human nature to be drawn toward graphically pleasing designs. Therefore, if you are a retailer looking to improve the foot traffic of your store, why not use your floors to catch the attention of your potential customers before they pass on by?

Floor graphics have been found to be especially important at the Point-Of-Purchase (POP) of a business, as well as guiding AAU1customers to featured products throughout the store. A recent study conducted by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology gathered data to evaluate the effectiveness of floor graphics with displays. Based on a three-week testing period with floor graphics, then later without floor graphics, researchers found sales of featured products increased over seventeen percent with floor graphics. In addition, consumers who paused for at least eight seconds at the featured product jumped to 280 percent. Over eleven percent of shoppers who purchased from the retail store had not bought the same brand of product during the previous six months. Lastly, the total number of shoppers who stopped in the retail store went up 180 percent.

Floor graphic products from Asphalt Art are aesthetically exceptional, sturdy, slip-resistant, and can be installed inside or outside. With custom floor graphics from Asphalt Art, you can quickly boost the environment of your retail business and promote an area of your retail store to improve your sales.

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