Floor Graphics Offer Simple Solution for Point of Sale Advertising

visual13Most of the advertising firms and marketing agencies that have already experienced the advantages and benefits to incorporating floor graphics to its customer’s marketing objectives have glowingly stated how effective floor graphic implementation has been, especially when used for point of sale advertising. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the term ‘point of sale,’ it concerns the use of a tangible marketing strategy that places visual displays within a brick and mortar store near the checkout locations where shoppers usually conduct a search for last second items to purchase. More specifically, advertising firms have lauded floor graphics space saving ability, since the design does not take up any space whatsoever, because it is adhered to the floor, as if it were a painting. In addition, floor graphics are easy to set up – even if you are installing the design the day of the event – and even simpler to remove once the event is over.

As it pertains to floor graphics as a strategy for improving point of sale advertising goals, the client would want to place the floor graphics in key locations throughout the store, such as near the cash register or checkout line to catch the shopper’s attention and making that customer seriously consider purchasing the product right before checking out. Floor graphic displays are created using detailed, vibrant images that will make the item on display stand out in such a manner that other image advertising methods cannot duplicate, nor achieve.

Asphalt Art creates the necessary printing materials and resources that induces brilliant floor graphic art images, which can be put on display almost anywhere in a brick and mortar store, and can especially help at the point of sale. Just as you might suspect from the name, floor graphics are designed and printed for placement on the floor whether inside or out. However, these designs can also be placed on the walls, stairs and stairwells, and even the ceiling. If you plane to use the floor graphic design outside, be sure to explain where you intend to place the floor graphic before it is printed because specialized paper will need to be used, especially if the outside conditions could be wet or have foot or vehicular traffic throughout the day.

As mentioned, floor graphic creations have proven to be an advantageous advertising resource at the point of sale, meaning store and shop owners should expect a splendid return on their investment if they decide to implement the use of floor graphic imagery, especially at the point of sale. If case you have never seen floor graphics on display in person, you should visit the Asphalt Art website, where you can see several examples of floor graphics in use.

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