Are There Different Types of Floor Graphics?

The Different Types of Floor Graphics?

Depending on exactly how you want to apply your floor graphics for you event, such as location, the type of surface, indoor or outdoor, water exposure, etc., will determine the type of floor graphic you should use. The following will provide a summary, taking into account the scenarios listed above, regarding what type of floor graphics you should use based on what you are trying to accomplish.

For normal outdoor fare, using Asphalt Art’s patented, aluminum foil with glass bead non-slip coating and adhesive backing would be ideal. This type of floor graphic is excellent for outdoor sidewalk and street graphics on concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers, etc. This floor graphic is designed to handle both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and no lamination, nor heat gun is required. This AsphaltArt floor graphic is highly conformable, and it is easy to install and remove.

Asphalt Art’s Sport Walk is a white textured vinyl with adhesive backing for short term outdoor graphics on smooth surfaces. No lamination is required. The Sport Walk floor graphic edition is suitable for pedestrian traffic for up to one week, under moderate temperature ranges. Therefore, depending on how long you want the floor graphic to last, if you are holding a one day or weekend event, Sport Walk will be a terrific option. For something more long term, go for Asphalt Art’s more trademark solution.

The Asphalt Art Cat Walk is a white, textured vinyl with removable adhesive for short to medium term indoor graphics, and requires no lamination. This brand of floor graphic is more suitable for wet locations, such as around pools and a pool deck, showers, and saunas. The Cat Walk has a moderate durability time of roughly three months.

Very comparable to the Ashpalt Art Cat Walk is the company’s Clear Walk floor graphic. It is made of the same contents and materials as the Cat Walk, however, it is a clear textured vinyl, versus the white textured vinyl.

Yet another option from Asphalt Art is the Tex Walk, which is a repositional, white, textured vinyl with fabric backing and adhesive back. Just like the other Asphalt Art floor graphics, the Tex Walk needs no lamination. The Tex Walk is ideal for indoor carpet, painted surfaces, metal surfaces, wood floors, and walls. Depending on where you are placing the Tex Walk floor graphic, it can last for about a month on a floor.

Questions about Floor Graphics

For more information on the many different types of Asphalt Art floor graphics, you can visit our website for a more comprehensive breakdown of all our options, or you can call us to speak to a representative who will be happy to go through the options with you. As you can tell, Asphalt Art provides floor graphics that can cover any type of event, whether it is indoors or outdoors, on wet surfaces or dry surfaces. Do not mess with inferiors providers of floor graphics, go to the best and most trusted source of floor graphics – Jessup Asphalt Art.

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