Floor Graphic Material Manufacturers are a Great Resource for Printing Companies

asphalt artAs most business oriented people are designing miniature offices in their homes, most of these nooks in the household are being equipped with printers. With today’s advancements in technology, most of these printers that can be found in the household comes as built-in “all in one” machines, meaning they are not only fast processing and high quantity handling printers, they are also copiers, scanners, and even fax machines. Coupled with the low cost of these machines, more and more people are simply printing business work and handling most other types of printing duties at home. The transition of people implementing an at-home office has hurt printing companies, taking away their business for two reasons: first, and as mentioned earlier, the cost to equip your home with a printing device and to outfit the device with the necessary components have become much cheaper over the years. Secondly, these ‘made for the home’ printing machines have advanced to the point where they can handle mass quantity printing in a timely manner. If you add the fact that printing companies still charge a relatively high amount to print, as well as the time it takes to go to the printing company location, get in line, get your materials printed, and pay, you could have done the job several times over from home.

This is not meant to be a knock on printing companies, as any business that needs high volume, highly detailed graphic image printing – which would include marketing companies and advertising agencies, among many other businesses – would need a reputable printing company, as this type of printing just cannot be performed on a home printer. Therefore, companies, especially marketing and advertising firms that have started using floor graphic manufacturers present themselves as great resources for printing companies, because these types of businesses rely too heavily on a company that is able to print graphic imagery properly. You see, graphic imagery and, as it pertains to this blog, floor graphic imagery in particular is too heavily detailed for a regular printer to handle. In addition, the size and shape requirements for the floor graphic image will almost always be impossible for home printers to manage. This is why floor graphic manufacturers, such as Asphalt Art, hold a high value for printing companies that can manage the type of print outs needed.

AsphaltArt is a uniquely designed floor graphic featuring a glass bead non-slip texture that can be printed on and then immediately applied to a variety of floor surfaces. This patented design lasts months longer than most competitor brands and can withstand vehicle traffic as well as heavy foot traffic.  Printing companies looking to add a new and exciting product to their printing line should investigate the numerous floor graphic materials manufactured by Asphalt Art USA.

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