Floor Graphic Companies Provide a New Promotion Place for your Marketing Mix

marketing mixFor those of you involved in the marketing industry, you understand the concept of “Marketing mix.” In case you are unfamiliar with the term, marketing mix is a general phrase describing the various choices businesses can make in the entire process of bringing a product or service to market. For example – and one that you have likely heard of – the four “P’s” of marketing: product, place, price, and promotion are considered a marketing mix. The four P’s model is merely one of many marketing mix concepts developed over the years. If your company uses the four P’s model of marketing, that likely means that any concepts or ideas that come through the creative brainstorming channel are funneled through the process of understanding its relevancy in your marketing mix.

The marketing heads at your business probably spend a lot of time developing ideas that fit your brand’s marketing mix. It can be difficult to come up with ideas that not only fit, but surpass the guidelines of your marketing mix, as innovation in advertising has become a bit stale as of late. However, untapped resources exist that can accelerate your marketing to a whole new level, one of which involves the use of floor graphics when staging social events and gatherings for your company. Floor graphic companies can provide a new promotion place for your marketing mix that serve to critically improve your promotional needs.

If using the four P’s model, floor graphics serves as the ultimate promotional place introduced into your marketing mix. The promotion Pepsi Floor Advertisingaspect takes care of itself, as floor graphics is the entity providing the promotion of a specific product, logo, brand, or company. The price of floor graphics is undeniably affordable, considering the unbelievable advantages of using this digitally rendered promotional style at an event, social gathering, or showroom. Concerning the “place” aspect of the four P’s, this is where the idea is untraditionally radical for all the good reasons. Floor graphics can be placed on almost any type of floor, wall, and stairwell, and can be used indoor and outdoors, with heavy or minimal foot traffic placed upon it. Floor graphic companies, such as Asphalt Art, do an incredible job of bringing an image to life – having the image printed that can be placed on almost any floor type while still maintaining the integrity of the image, no matter the setting.

Asphalt Art is a good place to start to learn more about floor graphic companies that can produce a new promotional place for your marketing mix. A representative of Asphalt Art will be happy to explain to you how floor graphics works, offering wonderful examples of their work, which can also be found on their website gallery. The time is now to create a new promotion place for your marketing mix, and the perfect solution is by using floor graphics, and employing the right floor graphics company to create it. That company is Asphalt Art.

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