How long do Floor Decals last?

asphalt art installationThe Asphalt Art, USA blog site has continued to keep its reader informed regarding everything you could possibly need to know concerning floor and ground graphic designs. Asphalt Art, USA has kept its reader abreast of aspects including how floor decals are made, the steps that need to be taken to design and develop them, and the necessary printing components and materials needed to create the perfect floor decal design for your intended purpose. Because floor and ground graphic designs are so versatile, as they can be used both inside and outside, many potential customers have asked about how durable the floor decals are when having to face certain elements and obstacles, such as foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and vehicular traffic. The concern comes from worrying about the appearance of the floor decal after having to withstand so much contact from forces both seen and unseen. People are concerned that, although the floor is a unique and cool place to have an advertising design, how can it possibly deal with conditions that work against it, because it is located on the floor or ground. In addition, because of these obstacles and conditions, people also want to know how long can a floor decal truly last. What surprises people the most is Asphalt Art, USA’s short and simple answer: how long do you want it to last?

Asphalt Art, USA creates the printing components and materials needed to print out a perfect floor decal. The perfection of the floor decal is not solely found in its imagery, it is also found in its ability to keep a perfect image for as long as you need it to. Asphalt Art, USA creates specialized paper that not only adheres to virtually any type of surface, the paper is so specialized that it can withstand virtually any type of conditions set before it. However, you do need to keep in mind that, because there are several different circumstances and variables involved when using a floor decal for a promotional event, Asphalt Art, USA develops several different types of specialized printing paper, depending on where you are placing the decal, and for how long you plan the floor decal in its location. Conditions vary, and Asphalt Art, USA is aware that you might want to place the floor decal at a pool, at a mud run event, or outside for a long running event and the weather forecast is calling for a lot of rain. The good news is that we offer you a wide selection of options, which is why Asphalt Art can say it is up to you how long you want your floor decal to last.

Depending on where you are placing it, floor decals – if being used for an indoor event – can last several months. Even if the event does not run as long as you intended, floor decal can be easily removed, if you find that you need to remove your promotional materials out of your space. Outdoor locations are a little trickier, but Asphalt Art, USA still provides all the options you could possibly need. You need to figure out what kind of outside elements you might have to deal with, such as how long the floor decal needs to last, and will there be a lot of water that will find itself on the floor decal. If so, not to worry, as our specialized paper includes options that makes it impervious to water or wet conditions.

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