Create a Buzz with Floor Sticker Advertising

floor stickersA marketing or advertising executive who is really good at his or her job could probably list countless ways to advertise a product. By now, even if you are not involved in the industry and are merely overhearing what this advertising or marketing executive has to say, chances are you will have heard of every type of marketing and advertising ploy mentioned. Why is this? Because you are a consumer, and these advertisements are aimed at you. And the problem is that, since you would likely understand or be familiar with everything typified in the conversation, your recognition of all of these marketing practices means that these advertising assaults are tried, tired, and stale. The fact that you can nod your head at everything the advertising executive is saying does not bode well for his job, and it means that person better get back to the drawing board once he or she has finished that last Martini.

The truth of the matter is the advertising industry has become lame with advertising ideas. On Sunday, February 2nd of 2014, which, depending on when you read this blog, might have already come and gone, the majority of us will probably spend the only day of the entire year excited about advertisements, because the Super Bowl is on. It is time for marketers to think hard about how they are going to advertise for their clients. Fortunately, they will not have to burn too many brain cells conjuring fresh ideas, as one already exists that, though it has gained popularity, has not yet become mainstream. It involves the use of floor sticker advertising, which is great for creating buzz at social gatherings and events, no matter if it is indoors or outdoors. Essentially, floor sticker advertising involves designing and creating a digital graphic image, then printing the image on adhesive backing, and then placing that image – which can be printed to be any shape or size – on the floor, steps, stairwell, ground, or wall.

Events that have showcased floor sticker advertising have proven to be monumental successes, as clients that have optioned the use of floor sticker advertising have touted an increase in sales of the product advertised. Moreover, the floor sticker advertising decal usually becomes the talk of the event, creating noteworthy buzz, which directly leads to an increase in consumer demand and sales. The success of implementing floor sticker advertising designs has been documented and proven, which means that both advertisers and customers can enjoy the buzz generated by this wonderful marketing technique.

If you need to discuss floor sticker advertising with a proprietor of the design trade, you should reach out to Asphalt Art. Asphalt Art was one of the original designers of floor sticker advertising, and can assist you with creating whatever kind of advertising logo you need. Feel free to breeze through their website to view magnificent examples of their work.

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