Have you ever Heard of Advertising on the Floor?

wayfinding9Business owners, along with marketing executives and directors for companies have probably experienced all kinds of promotional advertisements respective to the products their business develops and offers. The same people have probably heard all types of marketing and advertising pitches and ideas, some of which may have materialized into something special, and some so bizarre that the person who pitched it probably found himself or herself working in an another industry shortly thereafter. Even with the numerous marketing and advertising meetings you have been a part of, have you ever heard of advertising on the floor? While you entertain the idea in your head, or ponder exactly what is meant by ‘advertising on the floor,’ the following information will help define on the floor advertising, and what it could mean for your company.

When a company has decided to implement an advertising campaign on the floor, this means that the company has decided to incorporate the use of floor graphic art. Floor graphic art takes a digitally designed image that has been developed by a graphic design team using computer aided design (CAD) software, and brings it to life by printing out the image on a specialized adhesive backing which can then attach to the floor, ground, wall, ceiling, or steps, and can be used either indoor or outside. These floor graphic images can be printed to be any shape or size, and can be printed either two or three dimensionally. Now, try to picture customers walking through your store, following (or being led by) brilliantly designed and rendered advertising images strategically placed on the floor that leads them to the actual product. The customer will be compelled to buy the product, especially after being wowed by the floor graphic art that enticed the customer enough to inspect what the product was. As long as the product being advertised is true to the floor graphic advertising image, you can expect repeat business, thanks to the excellent decision to advertise on the floor, which provided the initial excitement for the customer to want to take a look at the product, due to the interest created by the floor graphic design image.

Do not feel overwhelmed by the steps described in the blog to reach the end product involved in on the floor advertising. Most companies have an in-house graphic design team. If not, it is relatively easy to find a competent and adept freelance graphic designer who can create the image you want. In addition, many printing companies can handle this type of printing job due to the assistance and resource of printing materials and components that enable this type of printing function, which is provided by Asphalt Art USA. Asphalt Art USA offers the perfect assortment of printing tools necessary to achieve the end result needed for floor graphic images to become fully utilized. Therefore, printing companies can give the customer the final piece that allows for advertising on the floor.

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